The kind folks at Voler have partnered with Soulcraft to offer their "on demand" program so that you can order Soulcraft kits whenever you want. They take 7 days to make so there's a short wait, but at least you won't be waiting another year for us to get off our asses to do another order. All the technical and sizing information is on the Voler site. Just follow this link.


Made by our old friends at Rickshaw Bags in San Francisco. Made out of machine washable Cordura, they have an internal flap with a velcro closure to keep your stashed items clean and in place. There's a strip of Velcro on the outside as well to hold the roll closed when it's off the bike, which is handy. It'll handle a 29r tube on down to a 23c road tube. Roll it up, cinch it down, get to work.



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