The "middle brother" of our mountain line, this is our 650B wheel bike. As with the Holy Roller, we didn't pay attention to what anyone else was doing with geometry and started with a clean sheet. Nothing revolutionary, but as we do with all our frames, we design them to have a neutral ride. Nothing stands out except that nothing stands out. If you're on the fence about a 26r or 29r, this is literally right in the middle. We've become big fans of this wheel size for its ability to smooth out the ride and remain nimble enough to satisfy those who like to work the trail. We also offer the Option B as a single speed with our new Rocker single speed dropouts which can be run with derailleurs by opting for our "non-committal" package. You can use a 26" suspension fork with it, and more rims and tires are hitting the market every month. Available as frame only, frame and fork, "chassis", or complete bike.