Man walks into a restaurant. Seriously. Walks into the kitchen and up to the chef and asks, ďSo where do you buy your meat?Ē Who would do that? Especially if you didnít know your Rump Roast from a Porterhouse. Usually people choose a restaurant based on reputation and let the chef worry about the ingredients. But when it comes to bicycle frames, everyone wants to know what tubing is being used. This would make sense if customers had any knowledge about tubing beyond what theyíve read in magazines or in chat rooms, which is usually being written by someone whoís never built a frame. I always tell people to choose a builder they trust and not to worry about the tubing. Good builders know that you choose tubing based on what youíre building and for who rather than trying to use brand A over brand B. I donít mind people asking, but before you do, ask yourself a couple things; what answer am I hoping for and why? Would there be an unacceptable answer? Do I trust Soulcraft to choose my tubing? In reality, the brand of tubing is one of the least important aspects of building a frame. Iím happy to tell you what Iíve used after Iíve built your frame, but I think itís a subject thatís been hyped way too much and builders need to be trusted to make the choice for you.