Buying a custom frame can seem like an intimidating task, so we've tried to boil things down to the core in hopes that you're not completely confused and scared away. Our approach is to start with a particular Soulcraft model, then add or subtract features and make slight design changes to come up with the bike you want. We've listed some of our most requested options so you're aware of what's available and what the options add to the price. For some of you, this stuff may not make any sense, which is why we go over your options with you before we start building your frame. We are happy to accommodate requests for options not listed here if we can, though a quick e-mail or phone call to us to confirm that before you order is always a good idea.
Dirtbomb [All-Arounder] (frame and fork) $2050 $2150
Groundskeeper [Cyclocross] $1700 $1800
Holy Roller [29er] $1700 $1800
Option 3 [Mountain] $1700 $1800
Option B [650B] $1700 $1800
Plowboy [Singlespeed] $1800 $1800
Royale [Road] $1700 $1800
Road Segmented $450
Cross Unicrown $350
Dirt Bomb Unicrown $350
Mountain Segmented (26, 29, 650B) $450
Two bottle mounts (one on down tube, one on seat tube) N/C
Third bottle mount under down tube $40.00
Disc brake mount only N/C
V brake/Canti mounts only N/C
Both cantilever/V and disc mounts (with removable cantilever/V posts) $75.00
"10 O'clock" routing of brake cable/line on top of top tube N/C
"7 O'clock" routing of brake cable/line on bottom of top tube N/C
Top tube routing of all cables (standard on Groundskeeper, up-charge on all others) $50.00
Rohloff cable routing (all cables under downtube and on top of chainstay) $50.00
Custom cable routing (exact routing to be determined) $75.00
Pump peg $20.00
Rack mounts (this includes dropout eyelets and mounts on seatstays) $75.00
Fender mounts (includes dropout eyelets and mounts on bridges) $50.00
Dropout eyelets only $25.00
Rocker Derailleur Package (includes right side dropout with derailleur hanger and necessary cable stops) $50.00
Extra right side Rocker dropout (with or without hanger) $25.00
Black anodized Rocker dropouts (pair) $75.00
Custom powder coat paint scheme CALL
Custom wet paint N/A
Disc brake mount N/C
Cantilever/V Brake mounts only N/C
Both cantilever/V and disc mounts (with removable cantilever/V posts) $75.00
Fender mount on bottom of steerer and eyelets on dropouts (not available with disc brakes) $50.00
Low rider rack mounts (not available with disc brakes) $60.00
Custom wet paint N/A