Back when everyone was trying to claim they built the first 29r?s, we sat down and tried to figure out how to make them better. We started from scratch on every aspect from geometry to tubing, and came up with a bike we feel leverages the best aspects of the big wheels and doesn?t leave you feeling like you?re piloting a sloth. For a cross country rig, it?s hard to argue with the smooth ride and incredible traction of the bigger wheels. For those of you who like to carve and flow, this is your bike. For 2010 the single speed model has been updated with our new Rocker dropouts which can be run with gears for those of you with commitment issues. Available as frame only, frame and fork, "chassis", or complete bike.

(Note: For 2010 we no longer offer 29r suspension adjusted rigid forks, nor do we recommend them to be used on any new 29r frames we build. We?ve come to the conclusion after nine years of testing and customer feedback that these longer forks have engineering shortcomings due to their length. Frame and forks are supposed to work as a unit, with one complementing the other. If steel 29r forks are built so they aren?t super heavy, they may fail prematurely. Build them to last, and they may put too much stress on the frame and ride quality will suffer. Bottom line is you have to make the commitment to rigid or suspension when buying a 29r fork from us.)