Soulcraft forks are only available with frame orders or to current Soulcraft owners. We do not make custom forks for any other brands of bikes. All of our forks are TIG welded with either a unicrown design or segmented crown. We do not make traditional style lugged crown forks. Each fork is matched to the particular frame with regard to length, offset, and intended use, and is painted to match the frame.

Note: For 2010 we no longer offer 29r suspension adjusted rigid forks, nor will we allow them to be used on any new 29r frames we build. Doing so will void the warranty on the front triangle of your frame. We’ve come to the conclusion after nine years of testing and customer feedback that these longer forks have serious engineering shortcomings due to their length. There are several brands of after market suspension adjusted 29r forks currently available; some are hand made steel, others are off-shore carbon. No matter the brand or material, we are not convinced that 29r suspension adjusted forks will have acceptable durability under hard usage due to their extreme length. The currently available blades and forks seem to simply be longer versions of 26” forks without any thought given to the higher loads placed on them. Frame and forks are supposed to work as a unit, with one complementing the other. If we build these forks so they have a somewhat supple ride, they will fail over time. Build them to last, and they will put too much stress on the frame which may cause premature failure. Bottom line for you is you have to make a commitment to rigid or suspension when buying a 29r from us.


All Unicrown Forks (ordered with frame) $375
All Segmented Forks (ordered with frame) $475


Fender Mounts $75.00
Rack Mounts (must have rack in hand) $100.00
Tapered Steerer $100.00
15 MM Thru Axle $75.00