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I want to get a road bike but only have a mountain bike to measure (or visa versa). Should I still measure the bike?

My current bike doesn't fit well so do I still need to take the measurements from it?

What if I don't feel confident taking the measurements on your Fit Sheet?

What if I have two bikes that I like? Should I measure both?

What if I really need something different than one of your standard models and/or geometry?

What material are your frames made from?


Can I drop by to chat and take a tour?

Can I visit your shop for a fit?

Do you build prototypes based on customer's designs?

Do you make full suspension bikes?

Do you offer complete bikes?

Is a fork included in the frame price?

I\'m thinking of getting a Soulcraft. Can I come out to your shop to check it out and see if I like what I see before I order?

What are your prices?

What's your record on delivering frames on time?

What?s your lead time?


Can I buy a Soulcraft through my local bike shop?

Can I call to place an order for soft goods etc. instead of buying online?

Can I send a check for the deposit and/or balance?

Do you offer employee purchase deals for shop employees?

How do I get a frame order going?

How much do I need to put down for a deposit, and it is refundable?

I live outside the U.S.A. Can I order a frame directly from Soulcraft?

I want to be a Soulcraft dealer.


Can I get a "wet" paintjob instead of powder coat?

Can I get replacement decals?

Do you offer touch up paint?

Do you powder coat ?in house??

How about a Spectrum Powderworks paintjob?

What is powder coating and why do you use it?


How do you ship bikes and frames?

How do you ship complete bikes?

How long does it take to receive my shipment?

How much is shipping on a frame or complete bike?

Is shipping included in the frame/bike price?

What about customs. Can you take care of that or quote the cost?


Can I run a Rohloff hub in your frames?

I need to buy parts for my new Soulcraft frame. Where do I find specs for seat post diameter, front derailleur clamp, headset, etc?

I want to get a Holy Roller but I?m worried about tire, fork, crank, and front derailleur clearances.

I?m worried about rust on/in my Soulcraft frame. What should I do to prevent it and how should I care for my frame?

What length BB spindle do I need for my Soulcraft Plowboy/Option B/Holy Roller singlespeed?

What?s the deal with the seat post size?


Can I get different dropouts welded to my old Soulcraft frame?

Can I get disc mounts put on my old Soulcraft?

Do you do frame repairs and repaints?

What is your privacy policy?

What is your return policy?

What?s your warranty?